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Life at Home [May. 25th, 2012|12:55 pm]
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*sigh* The stress situation in the house hasn't been great at home.

We still have the bathroom happening, and it's not been finished because the builders got gastric flu, and then the two apprentices our builder had decided they didn't like him and left, so he's all alone doing all the work. At least we have a toilet downstairs that's plugged in a works, although I try and avoid using it as much as possible until the grouting is done. In the meantime, we have no idea when our builder will turn up, because although he's a good builder, his organisational skills are... rudimentary, and he's trying to balance us with a full time job and various other things he doesn't really talk about. I know he's trying to do a drive at the moment, and has been waiting for clement weather.

If that wasn't enough, my dad has been continuing to give up smoking, making him miserable, when he's awake that is. But, he's doing really well, which is wonderful, and he's got to 5 weeks now. He is officially a non-smoker, according to statistics, but he's still on the patches. He's trying to reduce the nicotine content of his patches now.

But if that wasn't enough, my mother has also decided to stop smoking. She's now four days in, and starting to get grouchy. Both my dad and I are certain she stopped because she couldn't bear to be less good than dad, and she's managed to convince herself that she has a sore throat because of smoking, and needs to stop for the good of her health (which never bothered her before). She's also reading the stopping smoking book I read ages ago and quoting all the things from it at us that I quoted at her before but she ignored. So I guess that means she's serious. I'm still in awe of her ability to ignore information she doesn't like.

While all this has been going on, I couldn't help think of the movie Airplane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmW-ScmGRMA When we had the bathroom going full bore, dad really grouchy from giving up smoking and with me feeling the full effects of the hormones, that clip just kept going through my mind. So, yeah, it's been a really bad week to change sex ;)