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Life goes on... [Feb. 26th, 2016|10:53 pm]
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This week has been a bit of a weirder one, probably in good ways.

Work carried on in the daytime. Even when the person doing the seat plan told me categorically that there is no space before 2pm on Wednesday and I'd have to go back to the old way of doing things, I got told to come in the next day, and people made room for me. I sit next to the team lead in the central Brighton cluster. I'm valued. When did this happen?

Not only that, but I seem to have established myself as the person in charge of the "Request More Info" queue. For whatever reason, people have been throwing the small little bits of silly scutwork that no one else wants to do and, as a result, while some of it is boring, some of it is interesting. Every day, I get to tackle referrals and try to work out What Went Wrong. Then I fix them (if I can) and send them back through the system. Or I document them.

The intellectual level of that work I find stimulating. It helps my brain keep functioning, though I notice I become duller as the week goes on and actually enjoy the more rote stuff. It can be a bit scary, though, as people give me work and it can be three hours into the day before I have time to do it. But then, I'm trusted to manage my own workload.

Also, many mistakes I have made during learning to book have come back through the team to bite me, but that's been good, in the sense that no one has murdered me yet and, at the same time, I'm learning what went wrong. Most of the time, no one would know it was me if I didn't tell them, but I insist on doing so anyway. I'm even starting to get confident and find out info for various things. Without that info, I feel like the office of satire where documents are created at the top floor, pass through the building on the way down and end up being burnt as fuel in the basement. It's like that, sometimes, only we move PDFs around.

Finally, they put me on the phones. I've answered queries and helped sort things out for two people so far. Eeek! I've even called out to GP surgeries and bugged them for more info.