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Food and Health [Feb. 26th, 2016|11:11 pm]
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Apart from that, I've slowly been cooking my own food each day.

I subscribed to Hello Fresh, something [personal profile] pplfichi uses and which I first thought too fussy, but now I adore. I sign up for three meals for 2 each week and, on Sunday evening, I get a box of meals which I cook during the week.

It's been good so far. The food is particularly appetising while the meals are interesting and intricate without being gaudy and fussy. Some have worked better than others, but all have been, on the whole, good. I've picked up small techniques from the recipes and if I keep this up, I should be quite an accomplished cook.

It's been awesome to take care of myself, by myself. It's given me a sense of empowerment. Not only that, but the food is easily paid for by me, out of my budget. Even on my pay I can afford it and the simple cost per week makes budgeting for food easy. I know how much I'm going to spend. I still have a lot left over and my lifestyle, though very spartan, isn't unenjoyable.

In terms of health, I've been slowly able to work a bit longer. Last weekend I was wiped out. This weekend, I'm not. I want to do something fun and enjoyable. Not sure what, but I'll see.

I also had some chats with people about fitness today and it's been playing into something I've been thinking, that I might be ready to start an actual fitness regimen. I've kept alive my gym membership for a while out of misplaced optimism. I was finally going to cancel it. I've changed my mind. Though, in reality, I'm far from going back.

However, I do feel I might be at that stage of fitness when I first came back from Birmingham, broken in body and in mind. I started doing Wii Fit, slowly, the most basic exercises. Also a bit of the dance games. It's time to do that again. Slowly, surely, I will heal.