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Trying to Get A Bit of Control Back - Ddk's Journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Trying to Get A Bit of Control Back [Apr. 27th, 2016|10:07 pm]
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So, the surgery itself has been a bit of a disempowering process. It pretty much took away my muscle tone, any independence from my parents I'd managed to gain and it seems to have raised some stuff that's eroding my sense of self worth.

So, somewhere around about now, I started to fight back a bit. It's been slow and small things, really. Whether it's been making sure I vote, getting out one tube stop early on the way home or slowly starting to unsubscribe from the various job services that have been bombing me with jobs, none of which fit.

Also, I've slowly taken a bit more responsibility for my appearance, getting some extra clothing and starting to care a bit more about how I look. This can be both a positive and negative things, so I need to be careful, but it's been good.

I'm hoping to do a bit more of that. Not sure where it'll go, but I'll see.