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Programming and Writing [May. 8th, 2016|04:19 pm]
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I'm going to be off on a holiday trip for a few days soon, for a few days. It should be interesting and a welcome break from the routine. I decided to tag along with my parents, as I travel well with them and my mother is good at planning breaks. However, that means I really want to make the next one completely lacking in parents. I need to do some striking off on my own. I hadn't realised how much my mood is tied in with getting a bit of independence.

Programming is going fine, surprisingly. I had a major showstopping bug a few days ago that pretty much destroyed my sense of self-confidence and worth, but I read up around it, left it alone and then, suddenly, everything twigged again one walk home. I came home, did the changes that were in my head and everything fit, more or less, and worked properly.

The short answer is that I really don't understand asynchronous code, which is how Javascript works. It's a completely different way of writing code from everything I've ever done, because statements that come directly after something else aren't executed directly after that thing, not if they're related to some future event that is yet to happen.

I've also been doing some writing. I'm going through one of those phases where there's a lot of stuff trapped in my head but I haven't yet managed to figure out how to get it out. There's too much and my head feels like a pressure cooker. Writing is alike a release valve. It helps let things out. Mainly, I'm going back through something I've written, which is a fragment of an action/adventure fantasy story, and I'm just changing numerous broken bits that I'm not happy with, to give the story the right flow it needs. There are a couple of plot-flow elements that don't add up, and they've been bugging me. So I've made some down-payments in fixing these, even if it means leaving out huge great chunks of the story.

I might post it later, just to see what people think, but I don't see that one going anywhere per say. It's based on some childhood ideas I had which, in hindsight, are kinda childish and reveal a lot about trans issues I didn't know about then, but there's a certain sense of catharsis to writing it and, well, I've aimed for a simple action/adventure story, which ignores a hell of a lot, which is to the good.