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Budapest [May. 15th, 2016|09:56 pm]

I'm not long back from a short trip to Budapest with my parents.

It was pretty amazing. We had an appartment in a great location, inside the main restaurant/nightlife area.

The River Danube cuts through the heart of the city north-south, and one side (the Buda, or west side) is very hilly, while the other (the Pest or east side) is absolutely flat. As a result, it has some lovely views, probably the nicest in any city I've seen, with some of the best from the castle complex located on a ridge in the centre of the city.

Apart from this, there's thermal hot baths, where even in the winter months you can bathe outside, the second oldest metro system in the world (and the oldest electrified too), and it has one of the nicest parliament buildings anywhere.

I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a short city break.