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Computer Game Writing [Oct. 20th, 2016|04:11 am]
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So, when I was younger, I really enjoyed computer games. Especially the game Civilisation 2, my first entry into the Civilisation franchise.

Of all the games Sid Meier wrote, my favourite is definitely Alpha Centauri, a game about the future colonisation of a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. It was something I enjoyed greatly not just because of it's nature (a 4X style turn-based strategy game), but more for the stories you could tell in it, the fascinating science in it and the amazing quotes and characters.

I've always wanted to write a computer game because of that. It's been one of the few things I wanted to do as a boy that I often feel a regret for not doing. Transitioning pushed that away into the yonder distance because I realised that, well, being more female precluded that.

I've come back to it now, mainly because I have time and mainly because I feel the need to accomplish something right now that isn't playing computer games. It's been weird to come back to a more male-orientated childhood dream of mine and, well, sometimes it's really useful and therapeutic to do it, especially when I realise that being female makes me so much better at the creative aspects of it, even if I'm worse on the coding side.

It's something I've never succeeded at. Firstly, the game I want to write is a space 4X game. These are hugely complicated. All the ones have been quite limited and I'd really like to write one that's more realistic and representative. I'd also really like to write one that has as much story telling potential as Alpha Centauri had.

The game will, I guess, at it's heart, be a softer and more feminine version of the usual 4X games, but I don't think that's a bad thing.