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Ddk's Journal

The geek shall inherit the earth

30 July 1982
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I'm doing a physics PhD at the University of Birmingham where I get to play with the big shiney beowulf cluster as admin (Mwahahahahaha!!) and in my spare time, help search for gravitational waves from rotating neutron stars in binary systems (pat on the back if you followed that!).

Otherwise, I am obsessively obsessed with computers, programming and all things computery. My level of computer geekery was fairly high before starting my PhD but since, on a steady diet of C programming, php/SQL webpage writing and cluster admining, it has managed to expand by dangerous amounts. But, no, I am still not yet ready to attain ultimate geekdom and write a kernel module :) But I might write a computer game. You never know.

In the times I am not obsessed with obsessive computering, I become obsessed with squewering people with big pointy metal things! No, it's not a weird fetish, it's the wonderful sport of fencing, one of the most wonderful balms to being stuck behind a computer all day and a perfect fusion of thought, instinct and movement.

Otherwise, I may make wonderful music (well, ok, I can say that, you haven't heard me play!) with the flute or violin or through those weird sound producing things in my throat, spend time writing bad sci-fi or just doing something weird that strikes my fancy and is definitely "none of the above". Or coping with me slightly lacking sanity, as seen here in this rather rambling bio.

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